"think we can squeeze in a quick boff in between classes?"
by lauren August 31, 2003
A specific type of sexual intercourse having all of the following qualifications: 1) It is super high speed 2) At least one of the participants does not know the others name. 3) The male's trousers are not complely removed. Also, some definitions require the intercouse to take place at the Kimwood Apartments
by Goon November 5, 2003
The way Gary Dell'Abate addresses Howard Stern
"I'm sorry, boff! I didn't mean to do that..."
by fafaf00ley July 24, 2004
A short, odorless, basso-profundo fart. Also, the act of emitting such a fart. Usually considered vulgar. Named after the Roman Catholic theologian Leonardo Boff.
Someone on the elevator let out a boff just as the door closed. A man in a business suit said, "All right, who boffed?"
by vonTrips August 21, 2009
(Leicester slang) A friendly 'insult' to describe someone who is clever.
She got 48 out of 50 on the test! What a boff.
by Sarah H June 18, 2004
Flatulence or "farting" while drinking BEER during the 1980s, apparently.

(Definitely NOT being blackout drunk and committing sexual assault while under the influence of young male white privilege, denying it 35 years later, and taking your "rightful" place on the SCOTUS after an all-too-brief, limited-in-scope sham investigation. Not that.)
"Wow, check out Kavanaugh! When he boffs, the girls start running!"
by Public Publius October 11, 2018
Short for "Boffin," meaning clever person.

What all the cool kids wish they could be.
LaShanda- Omg i was like so right he was like omg i so can't and i was like...

Whittley- Desist at once, you incompetent fool! We are now boffs, mate innit
by innit March 7, 2007