having sex, or performing sexual acts on another person.
I live for food and performing arts on people
by bjchick April 20, 2016
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Located in Lakehurst NJ, (PAA) is a performing arts school. This is a caucasian school with a small handful of other races the rest pretend to be. Most have bad dancing skills besides the ones that major in dance. The people here are quiet and have no personality. They would take fame over friends any day. People here are very fake and there are many clicks. The drama here will be everywhere but the stage. If you want to go here it is not as good as it seems. It will be good for the first month but everything changes from there.
Thats a strange school
Oh you mean Performing Arts Academy?
by PAA grad February 21, 2018
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Also known as P.P.A.S. - One of New York City's finest performing arts high schools. Located somewhere between Times Square and Hell's kitchen...unfortunately people don't know too much about it because it's so small but most of the kids seem to enjoy their art when compared to other "egotistical" Perf. arts schools.

Professional Performing Arts School

Certain kids like to think of the school as one big family...that's bull shit. Certainly not your "avg." american school. Most kids hang out with their majors. Majority is cool though. MAD FEMALES, hot nd not hot, then the males are either gay or straight.
-You've Got:
-Drama majors: (white+spanish+black...sorta diverse) known as the "CHILL" kids of the school not on edge or uptight. Usually funny, weird, intellectual(to some extent), stoners who get trashed, and deushy-ish but MAD ENTERTAINING. Drama is the more modest major and deserve more attn. but at least they get attention later on in life, (movies and plays DUH)

- Vocal (90%black 10%other)..if ur not blak nd soulful u will become so. Vocal stays with vocal, there either mad "soulful" and LOUD or like sorta ghetto in a weird way. They are LOUD and ALWAYS harmonizing or SINGING when you TRY TO FOCUS. Some are inconsiderate but most are very respectful. They all say “Yazz(yes) then snap or fierceeee”.

-Dance: split into 2 programs (90% female 8% gay dudes 2%straight dudes). ALVIN AILEY: biggest dance dept. Seems to be pretty diverse. Like vocal they are loud but differ b/c plenty are egotistical and they think their hard lmao (remember your dancers and not fighters). There’s a few sweet ones and plenty of bitches. Ailey girls are pretty much all BANGIN. I don't know how the straight Ailey guys don’t pop boners during class. Then you have School of American Ballet, aka S.A.B. (95% white female and 5% white male...at least 1% other ethnicity) Mostly Tall and skinny females who walk with there feet out and drink SMART WATER and SMART WATER ONLY. There all freakishly smart…(your ideal angel students). They stick together and don't mix with other majors. Then ABT, there's like 3 kids in that major... What is that? haha

Musical Theatre: PREPPY!(most)Alot are really cool but then you get the really snobby ones. Like vocal THEY CONSTANTLY SING, but gay broadway songs. Often you will take a Rubin test and hear humming from the musical WICKED and then fail. They dress Abercrombie-ish and shop at urban outfitters and then tell people they shop at TRASH IN VAUDEVILLE. These kids often have a starbuck's at their desks and smoke tree with drama kids alot of the time. A lot of MT kids are pretty well off and host the few parties that happen at PPAS. *well black vocal nd ailey girls throw parties too but there really diff. from drama/mt/tech parties*

Tech: About 1% of technical theatre is there to keep on pursuing their major. 99% of the techies are there because they hated there major so they switched out. Pretty ppl who enter tech now dress kinda shitty because they are now surprised that it requires dirty work.

The green emporium is the bomb and kids from the 99’ even know CHARLIE!
The school can get dissapointing however when kids lose interest in their majors thanks to peer pressure and A$$hole teachers. *But hey most of us all some how make it in any field of choice* PPAS in the end stays united for about 5 minutes which aint bad.
Professional Performing Arts School
by ppasALLUMNI January 3, 2009
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A hellhole highschool that prides itself on being "the top performing arts high school" in the Illawarra, but is a communal area for fuckboys and cunts to hangout and smoke weed.

The school's principal is a person that most people in the school think is a homosexual, who enforces the school uniform rule way too harshly, and will literally yell at you if your socks are slightly discoloured.
Full of suicidal teenagers who think they're the shit because they do drugs and get smashed, and have sex.
The ever so famous boys bathrooms constantly smell like piss, with urine constantly on the toilet seats, and toilet paper all over the floor. Also, there is targets in the urinal for you to aim your pee onto!
And in the girls bathroom, you can find period blood and tampons all over the floor and toilet seats! Yay! Love the feminist and free the nipple graffiti all over the stalls!
Also, this school spends more money on its yearly productions than it does on education.
Wollongong High School of the Performing Arts makes me want to neck myself!
by theedgiestlord October 30, 2018
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A performing arts conservatory in Palos Verdes, California. An escape from the goths and tranny's of school theater programs; this program has more kids from different cities. If you want your 11 year old kid to become a twerking, snobby, self righteous asshole, put em in performing groups! Seriously, who the fuck wants to see their daughter dance like they want to fuck the entire audience. You can get some good experience out of it, and the shows they put on are pretty decent. But be ready for a culture that is run by upper middle/high class high school girls that will reject you and outcast you if you don't fit in with their culture of drugs, getting blackout drunk, vaping, fucking other stoners, and getting high during rehearsal. The level of people talking behind other people's backs is unparalleled. The toxic environment fueled by these TikTok dancing, ass shaking, pricks goes totally over the head of the directors, God bless their souls. This toxic environment goes down to the top, the director of the entire Norris Theatre, a rich white theatre mom who inherited the place. Runs it like a fucking dictatorship, will fire you if you don't kiss her ass and make a conga line celebrating her at meetings. If you dare leave the Conservatory, even for one season, good luck trying to come back! They won't let you, if you're a girl, that is. If you're a guy you can throw a temper tantrum about what part you got and they will cave and give the bigger one to you anyways.
"you, should I do a show at the Palos Verdes Performing Arts conservatory?"
"If you're a hot, white fuck boy or girl who doesn't give a shit about anyone and loves a toxic environment of repression and assholery"
"Oh, okay. I guess I'll only spend 19 hours a week there not 20."
by JavaBaba69 November 30, 2021
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