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"Checking" simply refers to indicating one's interest in acquiring something or seeing what it is all about. On hip-hop forums, "checking" is usually expressed in "im/im not checking for it" in terms of being interested in downloading and listening for the latest album from a particular artist. If you dislike a particular artist, you can let everyone know how disinterested you are by saying "im not checking for it" to indicate that even though you can download the album for free, its not even worth your time
P. Diddy might have a new album coming out but hes wack imo, im not checking for it
by maroontiger March 06, 2011
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girl 2: how long have you been checking him out?
girl 2: 1 month.
girl 1: are you going to date him?
girl 2: maybe.
by Miryam January 03, 2009
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A word young british children from the age of 9 to 17 use to say if someone is going out with another person.
This word can also be associated with chavs.
Sam: Who's you checking blud?
Kaine: I'm checking Aimee she's proper peng ting ya get me fam!
by Bumbaclart 3000 December 14, 2018
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