Horns of the devil made with your hand. Such as \m/
by bionerd December 1, 2005
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An annoying wigger who lives off his grandmother's money while affecting a nonexistent knowledge of hip hop. Typically, he's attracted to other people's girlfriends and will in fact buy them extravagant presents while never getting any action.
Dude, I wish horns would stfu about hip hop when he doesn't even know the artist's names.
by WangDangDoodle June 1, 2007
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Breasts, particularly if large or otherwise attractive.
Check out those horns.
by Big Steve September 4, 2003
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The cop who had gone EOW shot himself between his horns.
by Jax_Ender January 23, 2004
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The feeling of being lonely and horny. Are you horny because you're lonely or lonely because you're horny? That's the mystery of being hornely.
That lady in the car commercial sure is pretty. I'd like to smell her hair.... god I'm hornely.
by Jimbert October 1, 2016
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