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(Verb) To disturb, perturb, deter or intimidate. Usually used in the negative.
"They swore at me, but hey, I'm not phased."
"You can't phase me by talking while playing chess."
by Xaviana December 01, 2003
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A point in an individual's life during which he or she will express himself or herself in a manner that is difficult for others to control, let alone comprehend. Parents often generalize this term to describe unexpected patterns of behavior displayed by their children.
Dad: Do you think Ronny is gay?
Mom: Oh, it's probably just a phase.
by T Hizzle April 12, 2005
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something that has no effect on you whats' so ever. It doesn't matter, Its not an issue.
It doesn't phase me that they don't like.
by sxdrive September 04, 2009
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Used to describe a period in someone's life when they think they are "too cool" to hang out with their slightly stranger, scaldier yet better craic friends. More commonly known as "te phase". People tend to see the light at the end of "te phase" and return, whether by choice or simply due to the abuse they receive from their friends. "Te phase" is not something to be proud of. Those in it tend to care a lot about their image, getting lots of likes on their Facebook photos, and going to the 'cool' peoples' parties.

Note: "Scaldy" is a word to describe someone who does not care about how they look and often have poor personal hygiene. They usually do not brush their hair, have year old braids, and are no strangers to camping at festivals all through the summer. Scaldy is the opposite to being in "te phase".
Person 1: "Hey *insert name here*, you coming to the dinner party tonight with the music gang?"

Phasey Person: "Aw sorry I can't, I don't have enough money."

Person 2: "But it's only in my house, you won't need to be spending any money?"

Phasey Person: "...... Oh yeah .... Ehhh ..... Well to be honest I'm actually going out to a house party with my school friends....."


Person 1: "Ughhh such a PHASE!!"
by focloir April 24, 2014
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When one vibrates at a specific frequency and the molecules align just in a way to slip through an object. There is an astronomically low chance this can happen, last recorded in ancient egypt, when a script fell through his chair.
So I was scratching my cheese and my hand phased right through it!
by RustOnTeeth April 23, 2018
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3.5 grams on the drug scale, eight of an ounce
"now if you asked for a phase, I would getcha one"
by BlindsideF June 24, 2005
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A period in time when you have feelings for someone else in stead of the main person you like,,,

Sally was in love with bob for 5 years, She hung out with another boy and now has a phase on him.
by traceyel August 21, 2006
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