A community driven website frequented by both unbelievably smart individuals and mind-numbingly stupid tools.
I was at fazed - and as usual, b00zar is an asshat.
by Jeff June 3, 2003
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Feeling sick after eating way too much and being stoned at the same time.
I ate 10 hard tacos and didnt even get fazed.
by ChristinaChooo October 24, 2005
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a group of wanna be hype beasts that trickshot on call of duty while wearing yeezys that got for 150 dollars and apex is short
by faze blaze November 13, 2017
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faze - (noun) - 1. Someone who acts like a douche-bag for immediate and fleeting social media exposure; particularly in the e-sports demographic. 2. A young male that has reached the age maturity, but has not yet developed mental maturity. 3. Someone who is going through a 'faze,' that will certainty fade out.
"A faze came up to me bragging about how he brought GHB to Comicon."
by #Sendprudes in New Orleans September 17, 2019
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1. A group of iloominatey Call of Duty people.
Person A: I swear he is part of the FaZe clan
by Spielpaberg August 10, 2014
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The act of Filling and then Glazing
Often referred to donuts

Filling: to release a burst of man juice into the woman during an act of sex

Glazing: When a man rubs his semen covered member about his partner's face the create the effect of a 'semen glaze.'

-Typically seen in porn flicks where the man, upon inflicting a righteous facial, puts a glazing of semen on his partner's face by rubbing his member back and forth to smear the semen.
Often used between males describing recent conquests:

Oliver: How was last night?

Liam: Mate, I Fazed her like a Krispie Kreme
Oliver: BAD man!
by BADperson December 31, 2010
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