A community driven website frequented by both unbelievably smart individuals and mind-numbingly stupid tools.
I was at fazed - and as usual, b00zar is an asshat.
by Jeff June 3, 2003
Feeling sick after eating way too much and being stoned at the same time.
I ate 10 hard tacos and didnt even get fazed.
by ChristinaChooo October 24, 2005
a group of wanna be hype beasts that trickshot on call of duty while wearing yeezys that got for 150 dollars and apex is short
by faze blaze November 13, 2017
faze - (noun) - 1. Someone who acts like a douche-bag for immediate and fleeting social media exposure; particularly in the e-sports demographic. 2. A young male that has reached the age maturity, but has not yet developed mental maturity. 3. Someone who is going through a 'faze,' that will certainty fade out.
"A faze came up to me bragging about how he brought GHB to Comicon."
by #Sendprudes in New Orleans September 17, 2019
Stoner 1: Dude, I saw some cops fazing yesterday, who says pigs cant fly?
Stoner 2: #fuckthepolice
by ninjasauras September 5, 2014
1. A group of iloominatey Call of Duty people.
Person A: I swear he is part of the FaZe clan
by Spielpaberg August 10, 2014