Friend A: I don't want ya to say anything about this. Can you wrap your mind around that ?

Friend B: Ya bro, I getcha
by marytoons October 16, 2010
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Combonation of da words get+your
If u win,u might getcha money back
by Big Dirty(Joppa Smoot) January 18, 2004
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A phrase based out of South Suburb of Chicago Oak Forest Il, getcha is used as another word for “yea right” or “get your ass”.
“yo we were at Ronny G crib last night and dude ass rolled up a 8 gram cross blunt.” “yea getcha I doubt it.”
by You Send First March 6, 2018
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A phrase used by the late great Dimebag Darrell. It refers to doing what you gotta go to have a good time. Getcha' Pull!
Person 1: *holds up a bottle of Jack Daniels*
Person 2: "Oh man, you'll getcha' pull off that for sure"
by JonnySideburns October 27, 2005
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A phrase that is said in response to literally anything.
"OMG my dad died!"
"Oop, that'll getcha, that'll getcha real good!"
by dallasansel April 27, 2018
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1.) To initiate your "freak", or to become engaged in sexual activity.

origins: ebonic
Shaneequa:ooh, girl, you gon' getcha freak on wit dat fly homie over derr?!
Lawfanduh: choo got dat right, hoe!
by rah-ool October 16, 2007
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As if to say "Get your big." LIke Get out of here with that. To show that something is stupid or crazy
Getcha big i'ma take my girl to mcdonalds on valentines day
by No Phase April 3, 2006
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