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Real is an abbreviation of Retaliating for Every Attack Line. Therefore, "keeping it real" is a defense mechanism used to sustain one's pride and self-interests against motherfuckers and bitches whose key intentions are to humiliate you and attempt to eliminate the much needed respect from your peers. To be real means to follow your heart, never giving a fuck about what your enemies try to do to break you, and always keeping a steady eye on your goals as well as the loved ones you set out to protect.
Keeping it real is the way of the soldier, one who always keeps his head up and his eyes on the prize.
by T Hizzle April 08, 2005
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The existential state for undead zombies because some evil motherfucker won't let them rest in peace.
Zombie: Half of my skull is missing. I fucking hate limbo!
by T Hizzle May 02, 2005
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An insulting name that is used to mockingly exaggerate a short person's height by measuring it in inches rather than feet.
How it is, Inches? We're about to go shoot some hoops. No, you're too short to be on my team, Inches. Hahahaha!
by T Hizzle May 02, 2005
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Acronym for Intimate Relative Love, a stereotype among rednecks and inbreds.
Okay now you're just making shit up damn it.
by T Hizzle April 06, 2005
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Quirky Internet shorty for In Real Love, often used by naïve Internet hoes.
omg i think i'm irl w/ craig ^^ ;)
by T Hizzle April 06, 2005
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Someone you grew up with, friend or not, and someone with whom you have shared any number of bonding experiences at home, in school, at work, or in any close-knit atmosphere. Homie means you have lived in the same area as this person for a significant amount of time in your life, but the term is appropriately used by those friends who truly feel comfortable referring to each other with such respect. It isn't a word that should be taken advantage of, because a person recognizes who is a friend and who isn't. Therefore, a true homie is always down, while lesser friends will just be out to use you, borrow money from you, bum a ride in your car, etc.
Yo, homie, I'll be at my house incase you want to come kick it later.
by T Hizzle April 17, 2005
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