A girl/woman who likes to manipulate,control, play head games with a guy or takes advantage of a guy or situation.
Don't go out with out her she good at playing chess.
by hollywood doc September 14, 2006
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Slang for ordering a bag of drugs from a dealer. Used to ensure secrecy when talking over the telephone.
"Hey man, I was hoping I could come over and play chess today."
by entropy todovia mundial August 13, 2005
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drinking, usually heavily.
coined by underage kiddos to avoid detection by their mothers and other authority figures.
often used ironically or obviously - whether the kiddos are aware of this or not.
Hey, let's steal some beer from Chris's parents and play chess.
by Annie October 14, 2004
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The term "play chess" is usually a way to get someone up to your apartment, like the class line, "Do you want some coffee" at the end of the date at your apartment building. No one believes you will play chess, but it's such a lame excuse that will work. Clinically proven.
"Want to come up and play chess?"
by LRGMGB December 31, 2016
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1) Drinking heavily
2) Ordering drugs from a dealer
3) Obscure pseudonym for anal sex
Person 1: Dude, where's your dad?
Sonofadrunk: Playing chess.
Person 1: What were you doing in that back alley?
Druggie: Playing chess.
Person 1: What were you and that other guy doing in the locker room?
Gay dude: Playing chess... heehee!
by AdurnaVampyre January 26, 2009
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Playing chess with the pope sounds like the classiest way possible to spend your time. Unfortunately, in Iceland, it doesn’t mean enjoying a dignified pastime with a religious leader, but rather is a polite way to say you’re “going number 2”. We have no information on the pope’s thoughts on the matter, nor his abilities as a chess player.
Question: Hey, where is Michael?
Answer:Probably playing chess with the pope.(taking a shit)
by bjozzi December 8, 2017
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Another way to say work smarter, not harder.
Person 1: That damned sniper always manages to shoot me dead, even though I keep hitting them with my bullets.
Person 2: Play chess, not checkers.
by TrueDragonzzz Gaming November 1, 2019
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