'Speling" is something that a lot of people on this site seem to do. I think that 'spelling' correctly is beyond most of them.
Urbandicksionary has meny speling misteaks.
by Beneli May 5, 2004
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Skilful footballer from the southern tip of liverpool, Speke to be precise. May or may not have a big chopper.
Some player him, he’s known as Spele in the dirty south
by DMoore3:16 April 13, 2021
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Speled is a big hoe that loves irl trading in hypixel skyblock. He really has no friends but has to buy them since his dad is rich. He loves jerking off to egirls and paying them to vc with him.
Person 1: hey look it’s the rich guy.
Speled: hey friends.
Person 2: (whispers) when is he gonna buy me nitro and gems so I can stop being friends with this bitch?
by I love speled November 7, 2020
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