Children and 20-somethings write "phased" instead of fazed because nobody cares about homonyms anymore.
by purple415 May 30, 2009
Disheartened, forlorn, stunned in a negative way
"Man, you lost, but don't be phased."
by David December 16, 2004
To come across a situation that is completely unexpected or a moment where one is not prepared for what's to come
I was forced to go up there and sing a song, but I bombed it because I was completely phased.
by Earl S. April 27, 2009
something being done bit by bit - in phases
The build up of his YouTube portfolio of scooter tricks was phased as he added new edits each weekend.
by geofarce February 12, 2017
to be "buzzed." when you arent drunk, but arent sober.
Erin: You are so drunk!
Dillain: No I'm not, I'm just phased..
by Erin May 7, 2005
When one recieves a verbal attack and gets dissed leaving the victim and the people around gasping in surprise
Guy 1: "You're Gay"
Guy 2: "Your Mom."
Guy 1 and people around: (gasp!)
Guy 3: "Oh shit he got phased!"
by Fred April 5, 2005
(Verb) To disturb, perturb, deter or intimidate. Usually used in the negative.
"They swore at me, but hey, I'm not phased."
"You can't phase me by talking while playing chess."
by Xaviana December 2, 2003