Moron: How many grams are in 1/8 of pot?
Normal Person: 3.5 you fucking idiot.
by candice D May 15, 2005
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The base between 3rd and 4th (when defined as hand jobs and then sex) which describes oral sex.
We didn't wanna have sex yet, but we went to 3.5 last night.
by SallyandSam December 13, 2008
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A female who has reached the status to make say, "gimme 3 and half minutes,maybe 4 she'll be wanting to marry a nigga."
fine ass girl walks in a yell THREE POINT FIVE....and someone responds, round that shit up.
by Capt. Nick March 4, 2003
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To have 3-way sex with a midget, (the midget is an extra person in the 3-way).
Jared had a 3.5 way with Kerry, Maggie Moo and some random midget, to this day we don't know his name.
by Boobie Miller April 23, 2006
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Windows 3.5 is a successor to Windows NT 3.1 and predecessor to Windows 3.51.
Windows 3.5 is NT-based.
by YusufT19 May 12, 2019
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when you leave work after lunch the Friday before a 3 day weekend.
Bob: Have you seen Jim?
Alice: Oh, he took a 3.5 day weekend. You'll have to catch him on Tuesday.
by NathanZ May 25, 2007
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Child of their parent’s double-first cousin with their other parent’s sesqui-first cousin.
My 3.5-tuple-second cousin is a good person.
by Mr. Jacov November 23, 2019
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