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face that neppy invented

neppy (athena) is a guy from irc

supposed to be "o-o"
<Athena> p=p
<kallen> o-o
<Mr-Kuppy> o_o
<eddy> o_o
<Jonmang> o_o
<Laggy> what a dumb face p=p;;
<Kazuo> p=p...
<Sonia> o.o;;;
<Sezuke> p=p;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
<ChanServ> ...
by kallen July 31, 2003
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A guy code when he want's to have sex with a girl (Penis + Pussy = Pleasure)
Keirsten : I'm Bored
Chad : P+P=P Baby!
Keirsten : OHH!
by SlopNChop September 24, 2016
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What started off as a simple ebay auction, became a fabled internet scam of a known scammer. The scammer tried to use a fake escrow service in order to rip a apple powerbook off a legitimate seller on eBay. Knowing what was really going on, the seller hatched a hilarious plot that took advantage of the scammer. The seller ended up enclosing a pieced together "P-P-P-Powerbook" which consisted of a 3-ring binder with old keyboard keys glued to it. On the sides and back; fire wire, monitor!, and various other ports were drawn on with a black marker. Also included in the package were pencil shavings and misburned cdrs. The seller reported a 2000 dollar value for the package, so the scammer had to pay the full 27% tax in order to receive his parcel. Eventually the scammer did pay this tax and received his package only to find out "it is broken". During the whole event, members from the message boards the prank originated from staked out the address the package was being delivered to. The address was for a barbershop with an internet cafe above. One of the "undercover agents" even had his hair cut there while he was doing reconnaissance. Simply searching for “P-P-P-Powerbook” on any search engine will yield more detailed results.
Shit son, you hear about that fool who bought the P-P-P-Powerbook?
by KQH May 28, 2004
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Like so many young NFL rookies, the sudden wealth results in a lack of discipline, focused less on football and more on P&P!
by talk2me-JCH2 December 29, 2021
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(verb) to "Party & Play". Term seems to originate from Craigslist and/or other personal ads where the poster of the ad is in search of someone to Party (Do drugs. Usually Crystal Meth.) and Play (Engage in sex acts or intercourse.) with, just for the day/night. This term seems to be most prevalent among homosexual men.
Hung White Man, 35, ISO young Vin Diesel look-alike for P&P, you host. I'll bring the D!
by Shabarella June 29, 2005
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a man who wears pants up to his nipples which in turn makes his penis disappear
Have you seen the CCO in his p-p outfit? He crazy!
by jrrajs May 7, 2007
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The P&P for this item will be £5
by Video Rob February 26, 2007
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