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the best person in the world.very atheltic.nice.caring.LOVES boys.loves having awsome friends,but also has a loud mouth at times.
kallen is awsome
by 1234fluffbug June 17, 2010
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Kallen is one of the main characters in Code Geass. She is a shy girl in Ashford a+Academy but when on the battlefield, as a Black Knight, she fights with all the she has and after obtaining the Guren Mark II, she becomes even awesome. Kallen is one of the few people who knows Zero's true identity and she is the leader of his private attack force.
Kallen is a caring person who wants to protect and fight for her friends.
by person you all want to know October 06, 2016
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Some kid that has an insanely small penis. Kallen is a caring gender-fluid lover. Although desperate, he may grow on to you, literally.
Gay straight maybeboth lover assrape
Pubes Kallen
by Kallenslovescock August 15, 2016
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