Man look at those hips, Butt n legs! aint she staked?
by Anonymous August 28, 2003
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to say one word to someone, then quickly leave. Typically a shy person will do this.
Donald: she’s hot
Ron: yea go talk to her
Donald: ok

(Tries to talk to her, comes back)
Donald: shoot I staked
by madilyn rovan September 11, 2019
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I bought it for $5 and it has already broken. I think I was staked
by Fules November 23, 2005
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When your survival is at stake, pleasure and pain will be strong motivators.
by Roxanne Lu December 11, 2013
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a phrase originating from an episode of Will and Grace in which Jack is trying to spread a new phrase meaning "Come on, you can do it!" but it keeps being taken over by a very mascualine female personal trainer.
Come on, lift those weights, stake it!
by Chris Keitt July 25, 2006
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A fake stoner usually from 15-17 years old, always brags about he/she is always high. Usually posting on facebook status with misspelled words like, "Am sooo hiii" "Im happy cuz im high" "dum haterz dont now about weed." Always annoying you when you are talking about something and they're always bringing weed up.
by Transforme July 8, 2011
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A sharp wooden stick used to dust vampires, people enter the stake through the heart and the vampire turns to dust
Quick pass me a stake, this guy is trying to bite me
by White Wicca March 14, 2004
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