A set of clothes that is specifically picked out so that all pieces of clothing "go together". Normally something a woman wears, but recently black men have adopted to custom. White boys wear clothes. Brothers gotta wear an outfit.
Look at that reggin's outfit. Every thing fucking matches including his hat and shoes!
by yo mama September 16, 2003
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A hypodermic needle or syringe, used by junkies to slam dope. rig point
Do you have an extra outfit I can use?
by Shoopie Leigh March 10, 2005
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"The Outfit" is the name used by law enforcement for the Chicago Mob. Leaders of The Outfit have been notorious mobsters like Al Capone,Frank Nitti,Paul Ricca and Tony Accardo.
During Prohibition, Al Capone led the Outfit until he was sent to prison and lost his mind from syphilis.
by MickCollins June 29, 2004
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A general term, used to describe either a place or situation. Usually in a contemptable manner.
"This club is full of posers. Fuck this outfit. I'm going across the street."
by D. Gould July 24, 2008
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(n.) A band without a clear singer. Usually making lyricless music.
The outfit that backs madonna
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 21, 2004
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The combination of a Signature and Avatar on an online forum
John Doe's forum Avatar and Signature on the animation forum are both Dethklok themed. John's outfit matches.
by Keet-Soo-Nay October 8, 2009
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A trap gang from Augusta. They are known world-wide for their famous motto "Get Rich Quick. "
I left my wallet at the train station and the Augusta Outfit jugged it.
by Bigdon1738 November 1, 2016
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