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The Apple Macintosh portable line of computers. Many think of them as sleek, thin, stylish, powerful, and long-lasting.
My PowerBook 140 from 1991 is still alive and kicking on the internet, through our broadband modem!
by Roy March 15, 2005
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When it was introduced in 1991, it was one of the most revolutionary designs of the time for laptops, with a trackball between the user and the keyboard. Later PowerBooks were the first with 16 Bit internal stereo and trackpads in the portable consumer market. Nowadays they are extremely powerful, and hold their value quite well.
My PowerBook 100 from 1991 starts in 10 seconds and shuts down in 1 second. Dang that's fast.
by joe bob February 26, 2005
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a beautiful machine with the graphic power of a god
photoshop works great on my new PowerBook
by naru March 20, 2004
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