a synonym of "heads up", particularly after the children leave home---when they announce their unplanned visit with a text or phone call.
My son texted me as he pulled into the driveway unannounced, "I'm here, see you in a second".....I texted back, "Thanks for the (pants up)".
by Dr Rob August 15, 2009
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This is more realistic slogan than the Black Lies Matter activist movement's "hands up, don't shoot" where at around the same time videos and pictures taken from Ferguson riots show shops looting blacks with sagging pants and underwears visible.
- The "pants up, don't loot" slogan will soon become outdated when they start following their African tradition.

- Their African tradition?

- You know, no pants, no underpants either, just big ostrich plumes sticking out of their ass cracks.
by O. W. Tongueincheek May 22, 2023
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"give-up pants" is when you work under a skilled trade, labor position, construction, landscaping, etc, wearing pants that are not suitable or appropriate for the job site. For example, basketball shorts, warmup pants, pants that are too loose(pants requiring a belt, which a belt is not present) or saggy pants, that constantly require you to stop work in order to readjust your clothing.
Hey guys, Jake is wearing his give-up pants again. Jake! Now go weed wacky that ditch!

Dammit, Lemar! How the hell are you going to help us unload this tractor trailer of furniture if your damn pants keep falling down?!

Damn bruh... this mutha-fuka started commin at me crazy as hell, yo! Dude was all talking out the side of his neck so I split his shit. There was nothing that my guy could do about it because he was wearing his give-up pants! Real talk, fam! Lol
by 1313freddo July 25, 2016
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Pants specifically worn for standing or dancing when going out. If seated while wearing the Stand Up Pants, your muffin top and/or jelly rolls become much more visible. These pants also may be very tight, or the button may come undone upon the act of sitting.
Hince the name "Stand Up Pants."

Could also be used as an excuse to not sit down with a guy who is a turn off.
Girl 1: I wish I could go talk to the guy sitting at the bar, but I'm wearing my Stand Up Pants!
Girl 2: Oh, that's too bad!

Guy: Do you wanna sit and talk?
Girl: Oh no, I'm wearing my Stand Up Pants. Sorry.
by hiimbing June 8, 2010
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A crazy psycho who whenever she try’s doing something needs to pull up her pants!
by Katelynbmccall August 8, 2018
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A trend either worn by: a- celebrities such as LL Cool J back in the early 90's or Eminem, b- the thug or gangsterish crowd, c- people who ride bikes.
Situation: Adam had "one pant leg rolled up" accidentally. Melissa gives him an awkward look. He says, "Yes I'm gangsta!" She replies, "You know who else wears their pants that way?... People who ride bikes!"
by missliss April 15, 2008
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