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A website that makes people inherently dumber. Used as a way to post advertisements for the selling of items and services, it is now overrun with the stupid. Any description of an item is completely ignored, and subsequent idiotic questioning follows. In the off-chance that someone actually gets to the point of making an offer for an item, any listed price is ignored and a low-ball offer is made. A trade may also be offered, whether or not this has been mentioned as an alternative to cash payment. The idiocy is not entirely limited to the buyer, as there are many occasions where a seller is contacted and then has no idea what they are selling. Because there are so many stupid people on Craigslist, many scams have been set up to take advantage of this. There are multiple types of schemes in place to try to take these people's money, often successfully. Despite Craigslist's best efforts and numerous warnings against these scams, most users are often too dense to realize that they are about to be financially raped, and possibly physically as well as there are many listings for sexual encounters.
Buyer: "Yo you got that gixxer for sale on Craigslist bro?"
Seller: "It's not a Suzuki GSX-R, it's a Honda CBR1000. Yes I'm still selling it for $5,500."
Buyer: "Alright yo, so you'll take $2000 then?"
Seller: "No."
Buyer: "What about a set of Bridgestone tires?"
Seller: "No."

Example 2

Buyer: "Hi I'm calling about the motorcycle you have listed on Craigslist. Is it still for sale?"
Seller: "What motorcycle?"
Buyer: "You have a 2007 Suzuki listed for $4800 on Craigslist. Is it still for sale or is it sold?"
Seller: "......."
Buyer: "So you didn't list a 2007 Suzuki for $4800?"
Seller: "Oh yeah yeah yeah my bad bro. Nah it's sold."
by Benrama34 March 23, 2014
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American classified advertisements website with sections devoted to jobs, housing, for sale, items wanted, services, community, gigs, résumés, and discussion forums.
Craigslist became a web-based service in 1996.
by kaosmoker September 30, 2018
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A terrific community website that started in San Francisco California and is run by a programmer named Craig Newmark. On Craigslist you can find a place to live, sell your car, find a job, rant & rave, find love, or just get laid. Craig has since set up sites for several major cities across the USA and a few major cities around the world.
She arrived in San Francisco, found an apartment on Craigslist, sold her car on Craigslist, found Mr. Right Now a few times on Casual Enconters, and then found love, all on Craigslist.
by I'm Not Craig February 07, 2004
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A site where "project car" actually means the vehicle is completely totaled.
This awesome project car I found on Craigslist has a blown head gaskets and extensive front end damage!
by trayy September 09, 2007
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Apparently the easiest way for a hooker to advertise her services according to local news reports regarding prostitution
A woman was charged with prostitution after police investigators answered her advertisment on the popular website Craigslist.
by teabag September 12, 2007
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Formerly, a decent website for local classified ads and expression of opinions. Currently dysfunctional in many cities due to craigslist enabling indiscriminate flaggers to remove all ads in some categories.

Craigslist has no help available to users, instead relying on help forums manned primarily by anti-helpful trolls. Users are not treated as customers by craislist, but rather as products. Clicks sell ads in the paid categories, and absolve any previous notions about providing a service for the people.
Ho: Why craigslist be takin my money fo ads, n lettin people flag them off, then wantin to charge me agin to relist?


Rant and Raver: <This posting has been flagged for removal>

by TY1234 June 01, 2010
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When you place a Sex Ad on Craig's List because you are not getting any.
My husband wasn't giving up the goods, so I threatened him I was going to go Craig's List on his ass if he didn't put out!
by TCJG2 July 10, 2008
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