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ISO one atl widespread panic ticket ... they sold out fast, will buy or trade.
by gypsyrose July 09, 2015
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A file type in computers. Commonly used for installing operating systems like Windows, Linux, or even TempleOS. Also a file used for cracked or pirated software and video games. Or the file that WinRAR tries to open.
Guy 1: Ok I will give you the ISO file for TempleOS

Terry Davis: No YoU dOn'T kNoW a CoMpIlEr!
by TheGamer675 August 23, 2019
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1) Acronym for International Standards Organization.
2) File extension for ISO-9660 file system for transferring data to a CD.
3) Common term for any number of CD image formats, including .ISO (see definiton 2).
"That business is ISO-9000 compliant."
"Looking for all latest releases. ISOs only."
by Tiberious September 09, 2003
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The need to isolate, particularly self isolation, after testing positive for the Rona
I tested positive for the Rona and had to self iso for 14 days
by 2dogz March 20, 2020
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A competition of one-on-one in any type of situation, sports, fights, tacklezone, etc.
Justin: Paul, i own you in basketball!
Paul: Ok, Justin, ISO right now, i will nut on you.
by EWIED May 22, 2009
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