a term used to address your room mates or potential room mates. can also be used to address your best friends. derived from an iPhone auto correction in which you try to type roomie
you guys are my rookies!
by m1990 November 2, 2010
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Hide and Go Seek at night with flashlights; What people in the sticks do for entertainment.
by angel2101 May 23, 2006
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place where mark n i neeed to go when stoned
at rookies when robotripping schmidty threw up pinkish puke in a pitcher of water, then we left
by smigel March 30, 2004
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In long term,"Rookies Rookie" is usually between 3 people.

The Rookie is under the Other Rookies Wing, but at the same time the other Rookie Is under the other Rookies wing. The are s**t out of luck without one another. So basically They both learn from each other while at the same time from them self's
Tim (The Toy Factory CEO): I need to recycle toys.

Jim (The Environmentalist): I can do that but you need to use more environmental material.

The CEO makes more money.

The Environmentalist receives a spot on the news paper and some extra money.

And In the end the world is less polluted... So, in the end who's the Rookies Rookie Rookie
by Rookies Rookie December 5, 2010
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A Beginner. A starter. Somebody that just doing or trying something for the first time
1.Man I hate being the rookie in todays play

Person 1.Look at that rookie he need to sit down somewhere
Person 2.Hell yeah tryna do lean wit it rock wit is

2.Man that bitch give head like a rookie
by Brittany Williams February 2, 2006
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1) Someone inexperienced and it shows badly.

2) Used to describe a mistake that should've been easily avoided.
1) You two closed eyes...and you kissed her nose?! Uze a ROOKIE, man! DAIYAM! *laughing while shaking head*

2) "Yeh, that fool got up to get something and left his fries at the table without anyone looking out for it. Next thing you know, that shit was gone! Tsk-tsk-tsk. 3rd grade, man. Shoulda learned not to do shit like that back in the dayz but o well. ROOKIE move..."
by Joshiro007 February 22, 2003
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A person who is new at a profession or sport, therefore inexperienced and underrated.
From the dutch word 'broekie', meaning 'little pants' or 'short pants'.
The rookie started the day with cleaning all the guns while his more experienced collegues went out to hunt bad guys.
by Daanweb January 17, 2013
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