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Slang term for using drugs. Ex: Cocaine / Heroine / Etc.

Girl: What the fuck is that white shit on your nose?

Guy: (Wipes off) Nothing.

Girl: Have you been partying?!
by kaatrina July 23, 2008
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this simple and common word is defined best by the euphoria one experiences whilst pumping ones hard earned coinage into the relentlessly sticky whore known as party time
it may be a average,partially cloudy sunday afternoon, following a disgustingly hard week at ones place of work when all of a sudden an overwhelming urge surpasses you to relieve yourself of well earnt cash by giving it straight to "astra" whom in return will leave you with a feeling of emptiness, loneliness and regret yet at the same time a strange sense of satisfaction and safe in the knowledge that you wil never return to that whore at any cost ( until next weekend ) when you shall join the Party once more thus continue parting
by ted hamer June 22, 2004
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