Someone who excludes theriselves from popular social circles.
I am one who chooses to exclude myself from trends, therefore, I'm an outsider.
by SuperSonicX July 11, 2005
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An artist who doesn't suck up to the tradition of art, who is either weird or self taught or just makes things that they like. Usually didn't go to art school and may sell their art for money. Craft and primitive art of the urban experience
I love outsider art! it's just too ugly!
by monkiki April 22, 2005
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people who don't fit in with nerds,preps but usally find a way to find others like them and collect together.
don't go to that corner over there its full of outsiders
by ello kitty 1515 September 11, 2011
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One who is godlike, perfect in every way. Also one who avoids people being idiotic.

That outsider is really something.

Man, when people get dumb he sure becomes an outsider.
by Anonymous July 26, 2003
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1.)One who is not inside.
2.)One who never gets mad at people.
3.)One who allways gives helpfull information
4.)One who will one day snap and destroy the world
That guy outsider over at is going to freak out one day. Just wait... it will happen
by Anonymous July 25, 2003
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Someone who likes being outside and does a bunch of hiking, camping, that kind of stuff. Crossheirs Sportswear started using it to refer to people who are into that kind of thing. Frequently found at REI, or any "outpost". They talk a lot about adventuring and exploring the world.
Jimmy is off backpacking again this week, he's such an outsider.
by wheytooomuch January 23, 2017
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N. a person who does not belong See Also: Poser
Man that Outsider at doesn't chat with us common folk anymore; he thinks he's too good for us.
by Vibrating Donkey July 28, 2003
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