The alternative for savage. Because savage is is deader than the savages themselves.
John: Boy yo mama stank
Jimmy: BRO why you hating on my mama
John: I aint hating she just stank
by primitivebtch December 14, 2016
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An Informal insult which is not meant to be offensive and just to make a point that someone is thinking stupidly.
Guy - *Trys to open jar, then gives up*
Guy#2 - *Opens jar with one hand*
Guy - Thanks
Guy#2 - Primitive
by The Koaladude September 9, 2005
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A run-of-the-mill derogatory term.
You liked that movie? I thought it was kinda primitive.
by ~!~!~ May 26, 2005
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Derogatory term for right-wingers, neocons and other radical Republican party elements.
by robertangel30 January 22, 2009
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An awesome word used for a Californian election when it’s only caveman
Did you hear about the primital election?

by Jerry Seinfeld 6664 November 8, 2022
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The word Primitive, but in a noun form.
As I wrote my essay about the primitivity of man, I realized that was a bullshit word.
by fartinthuhear009 December 14, 2009
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of or pertaining to a return to engaging in low tech activities, ones people had been doing for centuries, but then became obsolete and replaced by technological advances. They are practiced again because it is found to enhance one’s life and is considered a forefront movement. The activities is not done out of economic desperation. Examples are home births, home schooling, knitting/crocheting, making soap, growing one’s own food/ eating organic, and biking to work (not due to a drunk driving charge.)
Example: “I admire you guys for being so 'primitively progressive.' I feel like I could never grow enough food to put a dent in my grocery bill. “
by BeadingGirl801 May 19, 2012
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