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EXTROPIANS are a type of transhumanist futurists. Generally they hold an optimistic view of the future, and espouse that technological breakthroughs - mostly in genetics and electronics, will cause human beings to become "more than human" or "better then human". They are often Randian Objectivists, or are libertarian, though not all. They are aligned with Secular Humanists and Skeptics Society as well. They got a lot of media attention during the 90s, for example, co-founder Max More and Tranhumanist artist Natasha Vita More graced the 2000 January cover of Wired Magazine and were darlings of the vastly emergent cyber culture. The term Extropy was coined by T.O. Morrow and Max More. Many Extropians are into Cryonics which means you pay to have your head or body frozen when you die in the hopes that science finds a way to reanimate you.
I went to an Uber- cool Extropian party, And everyone was so hip, so smart, and so techno savvy... but then they started talking about how they were saving their heads in vats of liquid nitrogen and I decided to lay off the vodka.
However, I did learn that Walt Disney did NOT have himself frozen, that was an urban legend.
by monkiki August 10, 2006
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Term used in the widely popularlized google song "asshole" to decribe Ann Coulter, the Nazi whore moronic demon from Fox news.
Google the word asshole and you will get a Flash movie and song, with Ann-hole defined. Google the word "failure" while you're at it - guess who shows up?
by monkiki August 30, 2006
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When a woman of much make-up cries... and their eye makeup runs down the face, making huge raccoon rings around their eyes.
Wish I didn't wear makeup today, after I saw that movie I came out of there with a total Tammy Faye.
by monkiki April 5, 2005
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People who live in shabby ranches or homes the canyons of Malibu or live in the trailer parks of Malibu (That trailer park where The Rockford Files was filmed). After Hillbillies.
They might live next door to movie-stars but they are still just Malibillies.
by monkiki February 26, 2005
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Nickname for Ann Coulter because she has what appears to be an adam's apple, probably due to her advanced age and extreme anorexia. BTW, it's not putting down drag queens, its a slur at her lack of femininity as well as blatant lack of humanity. She is hated by anyone with a sense of human decency.
Man Coulter's adam's apple was very visible today on Faux News. It was bobbling while s/he spewed more annoying hate speech. Man Coulter's ten times the man Bill O'Reilly is.
by monkiki November 15, 2007
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Ann Coulter. A whore who will do anything to get attention, and espouses to be a "Christian" while dressing up like a prostitute on morning talk shows while spouting vile expletives at everyone and everything.
That Neocunt claimed Bill CLinton was gay, simply because he wouldnt hit on her bony ass at a Washington party.
by monkiki July 30, 2006
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1. (kaviar)Poop eaten for sexual gratification.

2. (Kaviar)An Album of the same name by dead artist Songwriter Kevin Gilbert that is astonishing. Finished post mortem it is one of the best alltime techo-prog rock albums, if you like his dark and twisted stuff.
I bought the album and it was terrific, but i didnt know what KAVIAR meant... til I saw it on German television. ewwwwwwwww!!!
by monkiki March 27, 2005
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