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Fake punks that appear on MTV as much as Good Charlotte does. They'll never be the Ramones OR real punkers, so they might as well give up now.
Simple Plan = Sucks.
by SuperSonicX November 15, 2004
Two excellent dudes who past history and saved the world.
Guy 1: "Which Bill and Ted masterpiece do we watch first? Excellent Adventure or Bogus Journey?"
Guy 2: "Excellent Journey!"
by SuperSonicX June 12, 2005
A cigarette every now and then is a guilty pleasure. As another person said, smoking cigarettes on occassion (1-3 a day) or just socially is OK and not very harmful. Smoking a pack or even half a pack in a day is a sign that you need help. I'm definitely not going to make smoking cigarettes a habit, because I know how dangerous they are. I do love the taste of them though, but not enough to became addicted to them.
A cigarette every now and then is okay with me!
by SuperSonicX September 24, 2005
A pill that raises your attention, focus, and awareness to it's full extent.
by SuperSonicX July 9, 2005
When your penis is _quickly_ thrusted in someone's anus, it becomes a rectal rocket
"Dayum! Joe's cock was a rectal rocket last night!" - Jane
by SuperSonicX September 18, 2005
The act of being anally raped by a gang in prison.
Joe was "turned out" in prison.
by SuperSonicX September 6, 2006