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The word you're known by.
Sign Name Here:______________________
by SuperSonicX June 03, 2005
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I would not recommend this movie to anyone! This was the most boring movie I have ever seen. There is NO plot. You wait for something to actually happen, but nothing ever does. The dialogue is terrible, the acting is terrible. I can't believe someone wasted the time and money to make this film. Only watch this movie if you have a couple hours that you want to waste, and can't think of anything else that would be more entertaining such as this. All of my friends at school talked about how funny it was, so I went to the theatres (when it was in theatres). There is no plot, no comical dialogue (or acting for that matter), and this film does not offer anything to keep your attention. This movie will leave such a bad taste in your movie going mouth that you will have to stop at a video store after viewing this movie to find something that would reassure you that all movies aren't as bad as this one.
Napoleon Dynamite sucks ass, and the character Napoleon is a n00b.
by SuperSonicX September 17, 2005
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A band that used to be great before they sold out with Load (1996) and decided to sue those who downloaded their music off of Napster.
Metallica (1983-1991) = Kicks ass
Metallica (1996-onwards) = SUCKS!
by SuperSonicX March 09, 2006
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