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A person who will text you always and help you with anything. He is loving, sweet, and kind. He can be weird and have his awkward moments, but any other times he is the best possible human on earth.
by Truth_be_told_2021 June 30, 2021
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Jimmy is the funniest guy you’ll ever meet, he can make you laugh so hard you’ll cry and get the Hiccups, he’s charming, caring, handsome, has an amazing personality and no one can stop him from being who he truly is. He’s got thick hair, thick black eyebrows, cute dimples, beautiful eyes, and a handsome Italian nose. He also takes care of him self by doing stuff including working out everyday, wears nice clothes, eats good food, keeps his teeth white, and puts on Italian cologne.

Jimmy is a great guy with good morals
That’s my buddy Jimmy
by Thiccibrows May 2, 2020
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A person who's name is used in every situation. Usually blamed on.
Give him little Jimmy.
Jimmy whip.
Oh mah God its Jimmy! Campbell
by Jimmyguy12345 October 14, 2015
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A person who likes to give firm handshakes.
He also likes to jerk the turkey.
He is addicted to welches fruit snacks.
by mysteryofmass25 August 21, 2012
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another name for your Willy. it means penis.
That old man has a very small Jimmy.

I just woke up to see my Jimmy standing. yay.
by Castitties June 28, 2016
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A highly attractivee person. Someone who is caring, loving and will always be there for you. any girl would be lucky to be dating a jimmy. also very sexy and erotic. You'll easily fall in love with his personality.
"I wish i could find myself a jimmy, because all other guys are jerks"
by EM<3sYou April 30, 2009
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An almighty being of immeasurable strength and agility. He can kill in less than 3.7 seconds and he is a very smart egg.
"Hey, did you see Jimmy walking down the street?"
"Hell Yeah, he's awesome!"
by Speedraman October 17, 2017
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