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A person who's name is used in every situation. Usually blamed on.
Give him little Jimmy.
Jimmy whip.
Oh mah God its Jimmy! Campbell
by Jimmyguy12345 December 04, 2015
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When rustled, convey feelings of discontent or of being upset.

One can only reach true enlightenment when his jimmies are eternally unrustled.
wait a sec are u trying to rustle my jimmies
None can rustle the Triumverate.
by gorillamuncher February 27, 2012
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(n.) A New England term used to replace the word "sprinkles", typically used when ordering ice cream
"Do you want any toppings on your ice cream?"
"Ya I'll have some whip cream and jimmies"
by urbandickionary June 16, 2015
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A person who likes to give firm handshakes.
He also likes to jerk the turkey.
He is addicted to welches fruit snacks.
"Jimmy, I don't feel like a firm handshake today"
by mysteryofmass25 August 21, 2012
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A rod shaped chocolate candy for icecream popular in the Northeast U.S. and also a term for condoms in the South U.S.
Can I have some jimmies on my icecream?" "You want condoms on your icecream?" "No the candy!" "Oooh.
by allergictocats December 30, 2010
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A figurative sense of the madness level. A Jimmie is something that can be rustled, and when it gets rustled you go mad. Different people have different amounts of jimmies and can have them rustled easier.
Phil: Dang bro that guys mad...

Opie: Na bro hes not only mad hes hopping mad, or even cheesed.

Phil: Yeah man, his face is getting red.
Opie: He must be getting pretty hot under the collar.
Phil: Do you think his jimmies are rustled?
Opie: Definitely, there's no way they aren't.
Phil: We'd better get out of here.
Opie: Ill catch up, I haven't seen someone ever so acrimoniously rustled.
by Irate Steel December 11, 2013
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