Traveling around with only a backpack on your back. This method of travel is usually associated with youth, but people of all ages backpack.
I had a great time backpacking Europe.
by Hysterical Woman August 3, 2010
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When spooning the big spoon is physically smaller than the little spoon.
I woke with my wife backpacking me.
by Angxl of Dxath December 15, 2016
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to carry, lift, or set a teammate of lesser skill on the back of a more skilled player to ensure victory for the team
Yo, I'm getting tired of backpacking trung on dust2 every night
by Jeenyusaa December 28, 2015
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To get on someone's back, wrap your arms and legs like straps around the person and hide your head in their shoulder, like a backpack. AKA the new planking.
Juliana: Hey do you know what backpacking is?

Jackie: Of course! Let's do it! *proceeds to backpack*
by backpacker4ever December 5, 2011
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when two people are spooning and the shorter of the two is the big spoon
when alex and shay were spooning, shay was backpacking for alex.
by inprovising March 9, 2017
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the act of possessing (packing) a voluptuous rear-end (back). A quality exclusively found in the female gender.
That lil thick shorty I saw at the mall was seriously backpacking.
by madprophetrix July 5, 2003
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A sexual position in which partner A is draped over parner B's shoulders and down their back (like a backpack), whereafter partner A proceeds to administer oral-anal sex (a salad tossing).
Want to have some backpacking this weekend?
by theVoid620 March 31, 2004
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