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1.(adj) Lacking in quality;Bad; Not deserving of love and affection.
2. (n.) A child exhibiting these qualities.
1. Getting kicked in the nuts is totally orphan.
2. Look at that orphan, let's spit on him.
by AJ April 06, 2005
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Movie: Original title was
"Something's wrong with Esther"

A hideous gruesome tale of the orphan who caused chaos.
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1.) A group of Gingers and DayWalkers. Usually more than 2.
Dale-"Hey, check out those Orphans dude."

Rick-"Yeah I know, let's leave before they try and kill the rest of us non-gingers at the Airport Hilton Conference center."

by AnOrphan May 03, 2011
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A beer or other alcoholic beverage that has not been finished and is left abandoned to get warm and flat. Orphans are usually found during clean-up the morning after the party.
Someome orphaned this beer and it's, like, half-full and warm!
by JetMechGirl May 26, 2006
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A homeless, gremlin-like creature. Generally, residing in places like Golden, Colorado or the Yum Yum Forest.

This creature can often times grow into a Gypsie Orphan which is even more disgusting. Furthermore, they steal happiness and money.
"That orphan just stole my money!"

"Look out for that gypsie orphan, he sucks."
by Brendon H. March 10, 2010
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A southern hispanic gang origanlly from Orange Co. Westminster, California. O.P.H.S is short version of this gangs name. Spanish name; Huerfanos. Orphans13, OX3,
This gang is known to be in AZ, NM, Tijuana, and NC.
Extremly dangerous, enemies to Northern Hispanics, VDM's
(in NC) and any other gang that threathens to invade their turf.
He is a member of Orphans13. Their was a drive-by shooting by an Orphan yesterday.
by Pancho Pena October 22, 2007
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A person without plans on notable day like Christmas or New Years Eve; also someone without tickets to the big festival all their friends are going to.
Since all my family is back east, i am gonna be an orphan this Thanksgiving, just gonna be me and my dog and some rotisserie chicken.

That's so sad, i know some friends throwing an orphan thanksgiving party for all the other people with no family around.

Gonna be feeling the FOMO hard this weekend as a burning man orphan.

Just got an invite to a Coachella orphan event, looks like we wont be the only 2 people left in town trying to party after all.
by Neppi December 31, 2017
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