A formal word used to describe ones dinner
Have you tried eating the orphans? They're fucking delicious
by BiffTheGooseFucker March 8, 2021
Poor people who can't afford to buy parents :(
Person A : Oh, why is he crying??
Person B : he's an orphan
Person A : Oh no!
*Puts half a cent in the orphan's cup
by 10,11 Buff Cat Dilf June 19, 2022
Someone who does not have a family.
"I am the second worst things that happened to the orphans."
by APersonDuhWhy YouWondering December 1, 2020
“Are you an orphan?”
Alfred get the adoption papers
by deeznutsupyourmum September 10, 2021
A suitable source of food
Yum Yum Yum said the person I am going to eat an Orphan.
by Goose2712 November 23, 2020
That one piece of shit that wont stop asking you for a dollar
by DickAndHand July 29, 2019
People who can't afford parents... (poor people)
Orphan: Oh no! I don't have enough money from the bank I robbed yesterday
Policeman: So you were the kid that robbed the bank
*In mind, I should help this poor poor orphan
*Lends the poor orphan 1 cent
Policeman: Here you go, now go and live a good life
*Orphan quickly go to buy parents
* Becomes Technoblade
Technoblade: Policeman, you are a good man. I will thank you for lending me money by killing all the orphans so you don't have to lend out money anymore.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am Joseph Marino, and this is Disney Channel *draws penis on screen
Fellows, what you've just witnessed is the tale of the blood god, Tech. He is famous for haunting orphans. He kills like a pig, with no blades. just paws. That's all for tonight, I am Millie Mobby Mrown, and thank you for watching, Ben 10. Sex! (sex is a way of saying goodbye in the gigachad culture)

*Everyone then cutely gets killed by the BLOOD GOD, tech, with NO BLADES. <3
by 10,11 buff cat June 7, 2022