A homeless, gremlin-like creature. Generally, residing in places like Golden, Colorado or the Yum Yum Forest.

This creature can often times grow into a Gypsie Orphan which is even more disgusting. Furthermore, they steal happiness and money.
"That orphan just stole my money!"

"Look out for that gypsie orphan, he sucks."
by Brendon H. March 10, 2010
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A person without plans on notable day like Christmas or New Years Eve; also someone without tickets to the big festival all their friends are going to.
Since all my family is back east, i am gonna be an orphan this Thanksgiving, just gonna be me and my dog and some rotisserie chicken.

That's so sad, i know some friends throwing an orphan thanksgiving party for all the other people with no family around.

Gonna be feeling the FOMO hard this weekend as a burning man orphan.

Just got an invite to a Coachella orphan event, looks like we wont be the only 2 people left in town trying to party after all.
by Neppi December 31, 2017
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having a beer or drink out too long and leaving it there
John - looks like everyone left the party

Tim- someone left an orphan behind.
by Mo_Beetch September 07, 2010
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thsi word simply refers to pornography. Used in personal FTPs as the name of the folder containing pornography. The word can also be altered so that an "Orphanarium" is the folder for porn and the "Orphans" are the porn files.
Dude you love your Orphans!
Look at the size of that Orphanarium!
Do you have nothing better to do than collect Orphans!
Is your Orphanarium an all girls one, or boys and girls?
This is the best Orphan i have seen in a while.
by Zam November 30, 2004
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Similar to the Indie movement, Orphans feel that Indie has become too mainstream and wish to break away from the title of Indie. They attempt to break away from the stereotype and "uniform" of the now stereotyped Indie title. True to their Indie origins, they still enjoy hipster fashion, Indie music, and their sense of individuality.
The Orphan shuffle is all the rage right now!

Kyle and Ryan say they're orphan..what's that?
by purpleorphanboy October 31, 2010
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One who is naked and follows a scarf for warmth.
Harry and Mike are orphans because LT is a warm scarf
by RJ Kenny October 21, 2007
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A child that has no parents(lulz), and no one loves them. They usually live in an orphanage or under bridges.
Boy: HAHA, look at that orphan!
Girl: Awwww, let's feed him.
Boy: Hell no, lets spit on him.
by hwa711 June 09, 2011
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