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In Chicago lacking means walking around with out a gun
If i catch a opp lacking he getting. Smoke
by Ar5003A September 02, 2016
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Walking around an enemy hood by yourself in danger of getting killed
Dude #1: *On the phone with Dude #2* Aye man im around (enemy location) by myself
Dude #2: Bro, you finna be caught lacking, leave now
by yvnggucci1017 February 04, 2018
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When someone is unaware/not paying attention
Bestfriend: I thought you supposed to actually spit when you spitting game to make it work.

You: BOY you dumb as a duck ! I’m finna get on you son ! That’s a neck !

Bestfriend: *dodges and runs away* 🏃

You: Don’t worry, imma catch you lacking.

Bestfriend: *walking down the hall, not paying attention*

You: *runs up and necks bsf*

You: I told you imma catch you lacking !

Bestfriend: I ain’t going out sad, i’ll catch you lacking one day ! Wait on it.

- or

Person 1: I was just walking down the street and I got mugged by that one barber i owe money to 🤦🏾 ♂️.

Person 2: Who told you not to be paying attention ! You got caught lacking so that’s on you ! Just take the L and go.

Person 1: They caught me lacking but i ain’t going out sad ! i’ll get my goons on him !

Person 2: Boy don’t turn this into a nigga moment . Like i said YOU got caught not paying attention so take your L and go.

Person 1: Mann whatever.
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by BrokeBintiBeans June 13, 2018
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to try to flip some dope , but not be able to , over your head
man that dude on the corner is lackin yo , he aint sold sh!t all day
by splankinberry August 11, 2003
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