Nihar puts his childhood photo on Facebook.
Everyone comments: "Awwww"
by Assbusterjoe January 19, 2015
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An expression used to explain an emotional situation.
Awwww that is so cute
by Urbantheturban July 8, 2019
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when something expected or unexpected happens that is nostalgic and sometimes repeats itself. A moment in time when something happens that is funny and slightly stoopid....
Awwww klein kicked over the beer again. Awwww fuzzy is home.
by kleiner 69er January 8, 2012
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Shoes that a person deems to be gorgeous, resulting in an exclamation of "ooooh" at the sight of them. Examination of the price tag results in the person exclaiming "awwwww" and walking away, realising that they can't afford them, not now, not ever.
Sarah: "I saw these gorgeous shoes last week"

Jane: "Why didn't you buy them?"

Sarah: "They were awwww shoes."
by cina54 May 31, 2010
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a moment etheir filled with sexual pleasure or cuteness
girl #1: Dude so what did you do last week?!

girl#2: i snuck my boyfriend in the house n we were watching a movie a making out n stuff! it was so niania!

girl#1: awwww nianiania!! u lucky bastard
by donut!~* February 7, 2010
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So we back in the mine got r spoofers swinging from idot to idot, dot to idot.
We are perpendicular and we like to pho- oh - to. syynn- the -size
blah blah blah....
Cus BABY TONIIIGHHHTTTTTTT the idot is gonna steal r ping spoofers 'gain
by YeBoiYashers August 20, 2019
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