A drive-by shooting (or drive-by for short) is a personal attack carried out by an individual or individuals from a moving or momentarily stopped vehicle. It often results in the shooting of innocent bystanders because the objective is to overwhelm the target by a sudden, massive amount of firepower without attention to accuracy. Usually happens in Detroit.
"Man, did you see that guy and his lady get lit up in Detroit when they were in the wrong neighborhood?"
"Ya, man. That was a serious drive-by shooting."
by Properspesh February 7, 2008
To go out with friends who all have a bullet for the purpose of consuming cocaine.
You going out tonight?

Hell yeah, we're gonna go on some drive-by shootings!
We're going to have some drive-by shootings!
by NOZER June 11, 2009
see drive-by

To take a vehicle and drive by someone or someones house, pointing the gun out either the passenger or drivers window and firing repeatedly at an intended target.
Yoyo dun fuck with the g unit or we bust a ghetto driveby on yo ass.
by pwnz0r September 5, 2003
A colloquialism use to describe a ridiculously short stop at a place as if to slow down and then GO! (minus the gun fire)
Dude, we'll throw a drive-by shooting at my in-laws and then hit the strip club.
by The Big Texas December 6, 2008
people r drivin around in a car and wanna kill some mutha fuckaz, they find some people and stick a gun out the window at em and start unloadin
he pulled a drive- by on those mother fuckers
by nick June 25, 2004
When a man shoots his load on an unsuspecting bystander and then nonchalantly moves on.
Mark: what's that stuff on this guys' back?

Nick: I think he's the victim of a drive by shooting.
by Noronha December 1, 2015
Drive up to a car or truck at s stop light and shoot a load on the car next to you and then drive away really fast.
by Bigiie November 18, 2009