100 (One hundred) cents make 1 (One) dollar.
a Piece of gum only costs a few cents.
by seemstobeunknown October 4, 2008
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some random girl who aint worth nothing but a cent
That girl is a piece of trash! What a cent!
by spammilen June 29, 2017
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i dropped a few cents on some ice for my car
by Case Stall June 19, 2003
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ghetto substitution for plural form "cents"
"yo about 50 cent... he raps"
by mitchell January 12, 2004
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n. The opposite of dime, an extremely ugly woman.

half-cent. n. An utterly repulsive woman.
Damn dude, your mom's a cent!

Yeah? Well your mom's a half-cent!
by Miryam Websta April 26, 2004
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term for number of dollars;usually under 20 dollars (20 cent)
Give me 2 cent and i'll pay you back.
by Luse Change December 10, 2004
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