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the result unprotected sex of a male and a female of the same species; also can be known as offspring and brats
The misses and I took the kids to the park.
by uzbones3 February 15, 2003
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being a kid is the greatest thing ever. ding dong ditch, garden hopping, being clueless about many things, getting away with anything because of your age, being immature, laughing all day, sleepovers, not giving a damn about how you look, not having to work. be a kid forever, its worth it.
Bitch 1: "Omg bbz. That boi is lyk a kid. Wat a Wierdo x"
Bitch 2: "I knoo lyk x"
Kid: "I'm having more fun that you, bitch!"
by Emc366 August 24, 2010
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things that interupt you while your banging you wife.
"I would have finished if it wasnt for those medling kids!"
by Terrell Robinson January 12, 2004
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1.Something REALLY old people desire to be when their backs start breaking and their hearing and eyesight get poor.
Before gramps died, he told me to stay a kid forever..."It's worth it." He says.
by Katherine April 28, 2004
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You stupid wee shites on here that reject good words and definitions in favour of drug words and sex words about stuff half of you have never even fucking experienced before, oh yeah and the stupid shit adding your name and saying how cool you are. Seriously were you lot dropped on your head as a child or something?
Fuck you kids Im finding a decent site like this one that hasnt been infiltrated by the bro army.
by Goth Doll June 30, 2016
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what teenagers claim they are not
mom: your just a kid! you dont need a credit card!

teenager: IM NOT A KID IM 13!
by Lilwaynesucks555 January 17, 2010
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