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Cats are so sweevil--they scratch the hell out of you one minute and curl up on your lap for a nap the next.
by AJ August 9, 2004
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A word said when in distress or anger.
-AJ stubs his toe a chair- "BAGINA!"
by AJ February 7, 2003
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To kick some one out.

Back in the old west, most whiskeys were 100 proof. However, there was generally a bottle of 86 proof that was reserved for the ladies. When a cowboy couldn't hold his liquor, or would get to rowdy, the bartender would pour him a shot of the 86 proof whiskey. The cowboy was supposed to be so embarrassed by this that he would leave the bar.
He was really drunk, so the bartender 86ed his ass.
by AJ January 17, 2004
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(Interjection) Used when making a mistake while playing in a sports game
After the volleyball was hit out of bounds, the player yelled "Shitscott!"
by AJ May 7, 2005
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-Last name of the gayest kid in the world
-not to be confused with 1337
-kid who throws pencils in Algebra 3
-Cow Rapist
"YO, it's leete!"
by AJ November 30, 2004
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a person of unreputable background
that michael is a real hallion.
by AJ March 3, 2005
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