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A secretion from a peristaltic gland. Much rumored to be a male pheromone that draws women into a sexually receptive trance.
Nate nutted all over that bee-otch after he hit her with his manjuba!
by AJ December 24, 2003
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Used to describe someone short and who smells like cabbage.
Look at her, she's so michi!
by AJ January 24, 2004
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The feeling when you catch girlfriend in bed with a farmyard animal and she doesnt stop when she notices you.
Jack was in a mife
by AJ April 23, 2004
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n. An abstract feeling about a person. It usally means you want to spend all your time with that person, day and night.

v. put midly, in a bed, usally, nude with a person.
n. I love you

v. I made love with her.
by AJ May 3, 2004
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Same as playa hater playa hater
USA is the Mack and United Nations is the Mack Murderer
by AJ January 26, 2005
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not ever in all time, never ever ever ever ever...inf..
if you don't try this marshmellon italian ice, you'll neven be my friend!
by AJ December 2, 2003
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