An exclamation of shock or surprise, often used repeatedly by stupid people who are shocked and surprised by almost everything and insert it into conversations whenever possible
"Oh my God, Becky, look at her butt!"
by get over it!! August 6, 2004
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2004: verbal fashion accessory used by the mindless. 2005: so over.
"Oh my god, like my ears are so numb from hearing some dumb-ass going 'oh my god' every five seconds."
by Molly Polo December 15, 2004
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A phrase used in answer to a really boring account of an event that is supposed to interest you, but doesn't; meant to be polite, but any ass with a brain would be able to detect the flat sarcasm within.
"And then, I went like no way, and then he went yeah I want you, and then I went but you're parents might come home...can you believe him?!"

"Oh my god."
by Larissa January 15, 2004
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oh my god, my ass is bleeding
oh my god, that's in my butt
by 315 & T-Dog! February 28, 2003
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exclamation used by Justin Capps to exclaim when something obsurd or outrageous such as someone having whiskey dick it is common to use the phrase "Oh my God" in a deep voice while putting your right hand with a hook to your mouth as if smoking a cigar

Derived from the movie "Tommy Boy"
"Parker couldn't get it up? 'Oh my god'"
by C-red February 17, 2004
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An exclaimatory expression used to express supreme surprise, shock, or disappointment.
She just shat herself shitless on her teacher's car

OH... MY... GOD!
by animedude May 1, 2004
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