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The act of, upon reaching a stop light/sign, all the members of a vehicle bail out and dash laps around the car until the light changes or the other people around you get really pissed.
Hey man, I'm bored, let's go do a few Chinese Fire Drills down at the town square.

erm... ok, but you're the one driving this time!
by animedude April 22, 2004

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a baby that gets milk from the breasts of the mother
one damn lucky baby! I have to PAY for that attention!
by animedude April 10, 2004

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An exclaimatory expression used to express supreme surprise, shock, or disappointment.
She just shat herself shitless on her teacher's car

OH... MY... GOD!
by animedude May 01, 2004

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the form of holy shit that you say around yo daddy or yo momma or someone of that species...
Teacher with a rod up her ass: your homework worth 85% of your grade is due now!

You: Holy shi--Holy poop!
by animedude April 26, 2004

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A term that everyone is to some degree or another, no matter how much they want to deny it.
me: Do you like porno?

guy: yes, I like porno.

me: do you like only girl-girl?

guy: no, I like guy-girl, too.

me: Okay, do you like the guys to have a small penis only

guy: no, I like hard, throbbing cocks!

me: okay, then.

*example courtesy of Ron White. Don't sue*
by animedude September 12, 2004

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1) The act upon being frightened in which there is nothing (feces, urine, blood, vital organs, ect) within you.

2) reaching a state of no return
1) man, I had diarreah so bad 'til a nudist colony of fat, hairy guys in their 40's ran by. Damn, I was scared SHITLESS!
by animedude April 24, 2004

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the punchline to a lame joke that made people actually laugh back in the day...
guy one: what do you get when you cross an elephant and a rhino?

guy two: I dunno. what, a waffle?

guy one: Eliphino! (hell if I know)

guy two: *slashes guy one's tires*
by animedude May 08, 2004

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