1. adj. a state of being, during which one is without fecies

2. adj. used as an expression "scared shitless," referring to being frightened so badly as to cause the spasming of one's sphincter muscles, causing the bowels to release and resulting in the defacation of one's pants.

Antonym: 'Full of shit"
I took so many laxatives last night that I'm currently shitless

During that entire movie I was scared shitless!
by Rachel Woodhouse December 1, 2006
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Adj. Having an absence of faeces in one's colon, typically due to involuntary discharge of the bowels from extreme fright.
"After hearing what happened to bad little boys at Old English Preparatory Academy, William was scared shitless."
by Carl Willis November 17, 2004
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When nothing and nobody can disturb, annoy or otherwise anger an individual. They could be said to be shitless.
I told lawrence he stank of shit and he said 'sound'

Wow lawrence is one shitless motherfucker
by johnbyrne2122 February 26, 2014
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1) The act upon being frightened in which there is nothing (feces, urine, blood, vital organs, ect) within you.

2) reaching a state of no return
1) man, I had diarreah so bad 'til a nudist colony of fat, hairy guys in their 40's ran by. Damn, I was scared SHITLESS!
by animedude April 25, 2004
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Derogatory term defining one whose actions or self have been deemed either useless or inappropriate.
"Why ain't y'all workin?! Damn shitless negros!"
- Romeo Must Die
by ThirtySixMethods November 10, 2004
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my daily activities consist of shitless things like surfing, chatting.
by hippy2981 March 23, 2006
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A lazy person who spends an overwhelming majority of his/her time being unproductive.
I can't believe that Jim skipped another interview to play video games. What a shitless layabout.
by Harmon Smoothberger December 12, 2015
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