the most delicious moistest fattest lumpious pussy lips with the firm soft touch
basically describing my pussy i got a wap
by c0mgirl69 September 7, 2020
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Something a girl says when she's horny
by October 9, 2020
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into my pussy is a song from frozen only in the language smart fax
wanna listen to into my pussy
by aangsimp June 3, 2021
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When a woman feels extremely excited about a certain person and feels a tingly sensation in her vagina.
Tina: OMG Ash look there he is

Ashley: I know I have butterflies in my pussy
by Thunder man 101 September 16, 2018
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When your pussy so damn good that it pops and all the boys want that
Omg my pussy pops
by serina coffinburger July 10, 2015
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A popular term used by a Youtube sensation, Danny Duncan. Danny is popular among high school teens. He has even went as far as to making tee shirts with the phrase “ohhh my pussy” on them. He is a lovely human being.
Gary: Have you heard of danny duncan??
Winthorp: Oh my pussy
by H69P June 2, 2018
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