To be bored of something, or to no longer find it cool.
"I'm so over Big Brother"
by Mikey™ August 11, 2006
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an exclaimation of sadness and despair. the opposite of We Are SO Back
by biggumn December 14, 2022
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It's something that only a person who is so not over it ever says
political reporter: Madam Speaker, some Americans think impeaching Donald Trump a second time suggests that you have a personal vendetta against him. What do you have to say to those people who...
nancy pelosi: Personal vendetta? Oh, please. I'm so over it. Next question!
by thurb February 3, 2021
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used in the blackpill community usually meaning "my life is done"
Sub-5: I just lost my only hope of a relationship its so over
by WyattYves August 19, 2023
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A phrase screen printed on a t-shirt that a divorced woman wears in February if she was dumb enough to get married on Valentine's Day.
I was married in Las Vegas on February 14th and now that I am divorced, which ruined that holiday; I wear my favorite t-shirt that says, I'm So Over Valentine's Day.
by NonnaK February 13, 2011
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What it currently is
Oh my god I just did 5 hours of chemistry work for nothing. It's so over.
by bussyslɑyer October 23, 2023
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