someone who comes in 5 seconds
oh my god did you here bout that girl giving a blowjob to that Alex guy! he came in 5:|

Loser! who the fuck comes in five seconds
by the sex u cant touch it October 2, 2007
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A simple rule stating that food dropped on the ground is still perfectly edible if it is picked up in five seconds. Ingeniously created by guys for the sole purpose of reducing wasted food and allowing a person that second chance they needed to enjoy their food.
Jason: I dropped my steak on the ground!
Chris: That sucks.
Jason: Nah, five second rule, I saved it.
Chris: Nice.
by brolli. April 5, 2006
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This occurs when friend has been drinking and randomly urinates (or urinates to put out a fire) and you accidentally briefly gander at that person genitals. The linger time between you gandering at the genital and walking away is classified as "the five second whoopsie". Any longer and you are staring.

Orgin: Canada
Andrew: I have to leave, I must pee out this fire now!
Matt: Oh no! I'm getting out of here! I took a "Five Second Whoopsie" on that one.
by He Whom Names Things April 30, 2011
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This is a very complex law of physics. It states that if food (goldfish, for example) is dropped on the floor, it can be "safely" eaten within five seconds. The five second rule is very fun to apply when in...say...architectural drawing class, usually when Mr. Johnson leaves the room.
When other people are attempting to throw goldfish in your mouth, but miss and hit you smack diddley doo in the face, the five second rule applies as soon as it makes solid contact with the floor.
by drew s April 19, 2004
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A term referring to a relatively short amount of time, usually not actually five seconds.
"It was cool for about five seconds before it got boring."

"I've only seen about five seconds of that movie."

"Dude, I'll be there in about five seconds, alright?"
by Metar April 15, 2007
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A superstitious belief that food can remain in contact with the ground (no matter what's on it...?) and still be edible.
*Eddie drops a rasberry onto dogcrap by accident while walking with Bill*

Eddie - *picks up rasberry and eats it*
Bill - What the? Why did you eat that??? Naaasty...
Eddie - Five second rule.
by PunkOrNot July 23, 2005
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A long french kiss with a duration of at least five seconds
"Tonight me and my girlfriend went for a bike ride along the golf course and I gave her a five second frencher on the 16th hole"
by Randy and the J-bo June 1, 2005
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