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When too much alcohol has been consumed into a males body making it impossible to achieve an erection even in circumstances where it would be almost impossible not to.
Parker almost got his dick sucked last weekend but had Whiskey Dick. Later in the night he did state that "It is working."
by C-red February 17, 2004

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1. a rock that is used to sharpen knives and other implements
2. the last name of this faggot, artistic, Led Zeppelin loving who all the chicks want to bang and he doesn't realize it
3. one who is anti-giving high fives
Has any one seen whetstone? I heard he was in the pottery room friday night.
by c-red February 18, 2004

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nickname for one whose intake of alcohol results in not being able to pump blood into the air cavities of the penis
see parker baird
2/13/04-present...Limplicit 4 Life
by c-red February 20, 2004

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1. an oily lubricant to get rid of friction in between pieces of metal
2. nickname for someone suffering fromwhiskey dick
Did you guys see WD-40 on Friday night, he needs to pop the blue pill
by C-Red February 17, 2004

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exclamation used by Justin Capps to exclaim when something obsurd or outrageous such as someone having whiskey dick it is common to use the phrase "Oh my God" in a deep voice while putting your right hand with a hook to your mouth as if smoking a cigar

Derived from the movie "Tommy Boy"
"Parker couldn't get it up? 'Oh my god'"
by C-red February 17, 2004

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