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a human sphere, equal in width and height (sometimes more in width than height)
michael moore is obese
by da booze man August 13, 2006
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blueberry flavored vodka. it has a brother, UV red, but UV blue is A LOT better. its so good that you can drink it like soda. high alcohol content too, not too high though, its like vodka, but it tastes really good. it does not burn your stomach or throat when it goes down.
UV blue totally owns UV red.
by da booze man August 21, 2006
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the most horrible thing in the world. from the back, they will give u a super boner, then they turn around and you re-question your interest in women.
butterfaces should be banned >.<
by da booze man September 23, 2006
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flavored white rum from bacardi. its really good, you can mix it with water and it would taste better than beer. but you dont have to mix it, it has a great after taste and it doesn't burn your throat when it goes down.
me and my girl chilled with my bottle of bacardi razz all night
by da booze man August 21, 2006
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flavored vodka, it has a brother called UV blue. UV red isnt that good, but UV blue is.
i like UV blue a lot better than UV red.
by da booze man August 21, 2006
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a movie about a nerdy guy who takes a shit load of acid. think about it, a black man he has never met gives him a pill (granted acid is given in tabs, but ladies and gentlemen, you must understand, the nerdy man took a ridiculous amount of acid, ergo the large pill) which he says will open his mind, then we see that subsequently to taking this pill, the aforementioned nerdy man gains powers such as flying and stopping bullets. oh, and also he doesn't know what year it is and is fighting robots. well isn't that just a dandy acid trip.
black dude: yo nigga take this pill and its gonna make ya wake up and see the truth, word
neo: ok (swallows pill)
neo: whoa man, im like tripping man
black dude: that will be 200 dollars.

(why does the example need to use the word the matrix)
by da booze man October 15, 2007
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what you call a slutty girl when they're your friend.
peter: jenna is boy crazy.
neutral third party observer: no, jenna is a slut.
by da booze man April 16, 2007
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