1. A gaunt character thats general body shape is down to too much crack.

2. A defective skeleton
That riddell guy is such a fucking thinner gomer bastard
by J Rabbit April 16, 2004
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a mixed drink that contains Jack Daniels, Beer, Lemonade, and Jose Cuervo Black.
Taylor: "Toby make some type of drink/"
Toby: "Ok."
Perry: "What the hell is that?"
Toby: "A random mixed drink."
Perry: "Looks like damn paint thinner!"
Taylor: "Tastes great!!!"
by BruceDaJuice February 13, 2008
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Really cheap hootch usually sold in enormous glass or plastic jugs. Because of it's high alcohol content and bad taste it could be compared to paint thinner.
Damn, I only have 10 bucks. It'll be enough for some paint thinner though.
by Phil November 5, 2006
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fuck bleach, all my homies drink paint thinner
Average bleach fan: "Eyo bro you drink bleach?"
Paint thinner enjoyer: "Fuck bleach, all my homies drink paint thinner"
Average bleach fan: *big sad*
by Paintthinnerenjoyer52 August 30, 2022
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Term for the popular citrus soda, Mountain Dew.

The term is meant to emphasize the myth that if a man drinks too much Mountain Dew he will end up sterile.

Coined in 2011
Hey, will you grab me a sperm thinner out of the cooler?
by HurricaneAndrew May 9, 2011
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Crazy individual; usually illiterate, criticizes the wrong person for the wrong reason usually to belittle and get ahead of, but instead gets made fun of because they tried to pick on the wrong celebrity.
Upchurch: yo we got another lacquer thinner Larry here

Entire fan base: OH BOY! Here we go again! Roast him church!
by PushyParachute October 23, 2019
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