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acronym for "Body Mass Index", an outdated and inaccurate method of determining someone's health based only on their weight compared to their height, without taking into account lifestyle, activity, muscle tone, or any other important factor.
according to BMI standards, Tom Cruise is "Obese"
by Ugliness Man July 01, 2004
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Noun: a friend who is usually only called upon by a friend when a more primary/prominent friend is unavailable.

Taken from the term β€œsecond string” in an athletic competition situation. In football, if the star quarterback gets injured during a play, the second string is called off the bench to replace him/her. A β€œSecond String Friend” is essentially benched until needed, if ever.

Synonyms: Plan B, Second Choice, Secondary Friend, Benched Until Needed
I got a call from X the other night. She had an extra ticket to a concert she bought for a friend, but they couldn’t make it so she called me to ask if I wanted to go because I am her Second String Friend.
by Deus-ex-machina August 26, 2020
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The body mass index. The classical way of defining and breaking one's degree of obesity when comparing one's body weight to height. In other words, it is a politically correct way of saying to someone that your a tub or lard.
Your BMI is off the charts, at 58585858855875477474744 TONNES
ur fatt.
by itsPrYzm June 03, 2020
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1) acronym for "Black Market International", a great site for the latest music downloads.

2) to download for free; illegally (music, movies)
1) BMI means Black Market International, duh.

2) say, dawg, i just BMI'd Birdman's new album from brrrrrrrrr aw-aw!! *does the bird hand sign* birdcall
by One Wanksta December 13, 2009
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Bad Mental Image. When some one tells you something and you see sumthin in ur head that u really don't wanna think.
Sarah: I gave mike head for his birthday!
by Shoes April 05, 2004
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Rare word used to designate special kind of bread.
"C'est bon le bmi?"
by Sexy Oliver July 11, 2003
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