From left, to right.
the width is 7. See height
by TC June 30, 2003
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the width is how wide something is
if the perimeter of something was 80 than the width will be 8
by momo fish April 24, 2018
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The minimum amount you can leave a door open so that a cat can get in and out without pawing at the door, or pushing it wide open. A good guide is usually the width of your hand.
"Leave my door open a cat's width, otherwise Missy'll be meowing in the hallway all night!"
by mrwhalejr June 08, 2007
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Someone who's arm is the same width as their wrist, all the way to the shoulder.
Wow did you see that guy, he's such a wrist-width!
by snfuisdgfyui October 26, 2017
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the capacity of the brain to 1) take in or learn any new information or 2) contemplate or think about any ideas or plans.
Dude, I’ve been in meetings all day and have a major project due tomorrow, I don’t have the brain width to deal with that right now.
by Sassafras February 21, 2013
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Derogatory phrase to describe an over-weight person, almost always referring to a female.
Nick's girl was a width-wide bitch, tipping the scales at over two-hundred pounds.
by Nikki Stixx December 09, 2018
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