Claudette is a very funny, her smile can light up a room! She’s very pretty and loyal. shes very colorful and kind, and typically can be found hanging around with her friends goofing off. If you have a Claudette in your life your very lucky.
Person 1: “Did you see that girl in the yellow? I over heard a joke she made and it was hilarious, what’s her name?”

Person 2: “Claudette obviously.”
by Brunettebish May 12, 2019
The most caring girl people will ever know, the girl you can come to with any problem and know she will be the one who will help. Claudette is one of the p
“Hey are you ok, you have been looking kinda down lately...” “Yea I’m not in the best spot but Claudette is helping me through it, I know I can always go to her”
by noneofmyfriendswilldomyname August 31, 2019
A beautiful, hot, and talented chick, a little French, may be a bit promiscuous. envied often.
That chick is such a Claudette! I wish I could be her!
by Just me again September 22, 2008
Healer in DBD, most stealthiest survivor in the game. Can be toxic with darkest clothes and purple flashlights so it sucks sometimes so you dc or they dc when they get downed dc.
she a Claudette with a flashlight i dc
by Ticoz March 18, 2018
A bitchy woman! Someone you can never trust. One who is very mean to her grand children. A crazy, freanch jew which rises from hell, to make lives of humans miserable. Selfish, lame, and horrid. The most unloving person you can, and will ever meet!
What a bitch! She must be a Claudette.
by Taruh January 4, 2008
A nasty bitch that sleeps around with various men. Loose pussy.
A female should never want to be a Claudette.
by earth tribe June 17, 2016
Dbd Things's quote in the Clown's Room Of Death
Claudette's Law states that anything stupid that can be done, will be done

"I like Claudette's Rule because I adhere to it closely"
by Claudette with Self Care February 22, 2022