Donald Trump's fuck boy. A sycophant reminiscent of villains' scheming-but-pathetic advisors in genre films.
"That dude thinks he is going to get his hands on some of the goods, but he is just a weak-ass toadie, ass-kisser, and a Chris Christie.
by The Explicator May 2, 2016
Donald Trump's fat sex slave that's a member of the ku klux klan.
You know your life is great when you aren't a chris christie
by Toppet May 26, 2016
A crooked, wealthy wop that somehow got elected into a governor's position for the state of New Jersey. Has been a part of numerous scandals and has no concept of livable wages and considering his size, probably consumes more than the weight of an oil tanker in calories each day. He can be found lounging on beaches that he has closed to the public, primarily because he's a hypocritical shit biscuit who likes to laugh about how much better he is than everyone else. Has managed to somehow piss off just about everyone in the tri-state area at the same time with his numerous construction projects to improve roads that were fine until he started smashing up the pavement. Probably in bed with the mafia or some other criminal organization, hence his "no one can touch me" attitude. The world would be a better place if he choked to death on one of those aforementioned donuts he seems to enjoy so much.
"Hey, man; did you hear about Chris Christie closing the public beaches this weekend?"
"Yeah, the memes about him were fantastic."

"You could feed Africa's entire population for a month with the food Chris Christie consumes in a day."
by Shekelwafers July 14, 2017
Synonym for "cock-blocking", due to a related scandal in which the NJ governor shut down a bridge between NJ and NY, such that people could not pass.
Dude 1: Did you get with that girl last night?
Dude 2: Nah... her damn friend Chris Christie'd me and then they left.
Dude 1: That conniving bitch! I bet she's also a Cowboys fan!
by minamino2 February 19, 2015
Former New Jersey Attorney General running as a Republican against incumbent Democrat Jon Corzine for New Jersey Governor 2009. He has a very distinctive due to his weight problem, but it doesnt make him any different as a candidate.
p1 "Who are you voting for Governor"
p2 "Jon Corzine."
p1" Wth? After he messed up our state? vote for chris christie"
by BelmarBeachBum September 26, 2009
One of Trump's biggest enablers, an absolute slimeball with the backbone of a popsicle
Vote for me,
Chris Christie,
PO Box 963,
New York City,
New York State,
by Aunt Tifa Lockhart November 22, 2020
When you fuck a girl in high waisted Docker's or cargo-shorts with only your cock out of the zipper, leaving the balls tucked in.

**Modified CC is when you untuck the balls, leaving a drainage route for vaginal secretions so as to not get the "glazed donut" on your freshly pressed & pleated Docker's.
by Dongcoptered October 8, 2017